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LINKS ~ Ideas worth spreading

SusanValentineDesign ~ what else your teacher does ~ some of the great folks across the hall.

Weston A. Price Foundation ~ traditional foods, interesting alternative ideas to nutrition. Funny how old becomes new again eventually. ~ expand your musical horizons. For free! ~ Green Ideas: Get rid of your junk mail! ~ the climate crisis, that is - what Al Gore's up to these days.

Kripalu Center ~ this is our style of yoga. Retreats & training in Lenox, MA. ~ this site has many great resources ~ it's time to clean up our shower stalls. It seems that they're toxic wastelands. Know your ingredients. Find out here.

Byron Katie - "The Work" Now here's an interesting take on elinghtenment!

Eckhart Tolle ~ writer of the likes of "The Power of Now"

Kripalu Center ~ Workshops and retreats in western MA. This is where I got my teaching certificate.

Anusara Yoga ~ John Friend. We've done lots of his work.

Omega Institute ~ workshops and retreats in Rhinebeck, N.Y. ~ world spirituality

Yoga Everywhere - great website for practical yoga.

Mesothelioma - Yoga works for this, too.

Green River Yoga - meditation, yoga, movement, spiritual teachings and lots more in Greenfield.

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